The Hari Hong Kong

This is the second chapter of The Hari’s story. Enlivening the heritage of impeccable hospitality by the Harilela Family once again, The Hari has come home to Hong Kong. A global beacon of modern luxury, The Hari’s tailored approach to service creates the most memorable guest experiences by paying attention to all details, no matter how small.

The Hari is more than a perfect night’s stay. The luxury Hong Kong hotel provides an ideal base for exploring the local neighbourhoods and encouraging guests to foster a deeper appreciation for the city, doing more than scratching the surface of the surrounding Causeway Bay and Wan Chai districts, where we are proudly located.

Marrying the hotel’s relaxed elegance, charming restaurants and the Harilela’s passion for service, The Hari is set to continue its globe-trotting journey across the world.

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