Company Information

Established in 1959 and still wholly owned by the Harilela family, The Harilela Group is a Hong Kong based private company with extensive experience in hotel development and management. The Group currently owns and operates some 15 properties across Hong Kong, China, the Far East, Europe and the US. One new property in Hong Kong will be opening in 2020.

The Group’s success in generating steady returns for its shareholder is based on ensuring its hotels and hospitality related properties remain the preferred choice of discerning guests. Such a steady focus on customer satisfaction has paved the way for the acquisition of several quality brands across virtually every segment of the international hotel and leisure market.

Diversification into hotels began with the acquisition of Hong Kong’s Imperial Hotel in 1961. Half a century on, The Group has successfully spread its wings into the healthcare and food and beverage sectors.

The Group’s hospitality portfolio includes alliances with The Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hyatt Hotels Corp., Artyzen Hospitality Group and Onyx Hospitality Group. The Group recently launched “The Hari” brand with its first flag planted in London with the reopening of The Hari London in Belgravia. The Harilela Group also has its Ambassador Hotels (2) in Singapore Changi Airport. The coming years will see the Harilela Group continue its proven investment strategies.

As The Group moves forward, Dr. Aron Harilela, Harilela Hotels Ltd. CEO and Chairman, says the company remains committed to the values laid down by its founder the late Dr. Hari Harilela: As time never stops changing, businesses like ours must be open to new ideas and ways of thinking if they are to endure. In running the Harilela Group, I always remember the lessons my father taught me about the importance of sincerity and honesty in both business and life. “At the end of the day, if you do not have a sound reputation, you have nothing!” said Dr. Hari.